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Financial Cohorts is an asset-based household segmentation system, available exclusively for IXI Network Member Firms, that segments customers and prospects based on anonymous financial and behavioral characteristics. Equifax directly measures approximately $15 trillion in anonymous, financial assets through the IXI Network.

Financial services marketers can use Financial Cohorts to better understand the likely financial and behavioral characteristics of distinct customer and prospect groups in order to increase the relevance and effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

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Economic Cohorts incorporates vital visibility into household economics that is not available in other consumer segmentation products. Economic Cohorts segments customer and prospects based on households' estimated economic positions (estimated total income, ability to spend, ability to pay, and likely credit capacity), in combination with all the key demographic, lifecycle/lifestage, behavioral, lifestyle, and geographic attributes you expect from a leading consumer segmentation system.

The resulting product offers a revolutionized view of households in a single, flexible solution that enables marketers to more effectively understand, target and communicate with their customers and prospective customers via both direct marketing and online marketing efforts.

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